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The Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum celebrates 30 years of activity on the 21st of August and the Funchal City Council has prepared several initiatives in the cultural calendar of this year to mark the date.

Among these, the ‘Museum without Walls’ event stands out, which proposes to install a valuable collection of engravings, drawings and sculptures from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries of this museum of art on a street in downtown Funchal. Modern works by the Madeiran brothers Henrique and Francisco Franco, a painter and the other sculptor.

In 2016, the museum increased the number of visitors to close to 3 thousand, a growth of 15% over the previous year.

The number of guided tours has also grown and, despite the fact that the public continues to be predominantly foreign, with English and German visitors predominating, the initiatives developed over the last three years have contributed to a significant increase in the number of Portuguese visitors.

The mayor highlighted all the work that is done by the museum at the level of educational services, which continue to establish a strong bridge with the school community throughout the year, but noted that “despite the established educational partnerships established, and Of the place in the tourist agenda of the city, we did not want Francisco Franco to be a strange stronghold to the people of Funchal, hence we are investing in activities in order to arouse people’s curiosity to come to know this space. ”

“In 2016 we had, for example, a race for Easter eggs or a Game of Glory from the works on display, as well as the ‘Bring Grandparents to the Museum’ initiative or a Night at the Museum, open to all A receptivity that pleased us and that is to increase more and more. “Last year, there were 32 commemorative activities and thematic days organized,” he says.

Paulo Cafôfo took this opportunity to announce that this year, in honour of the 30th anniversary of the space, more than opening the doors, the CMF will literally bring the Museum to the street: “This is a formula that we have experimented in the past Two years with the Farmers’ Market, to which people have responded very well, with much curiosity and enthusiasm. We therefore felt that it made perfect sense, on such a striking date, to carry out a similar exercise with the Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum, in this case, to promote a collection with a lot of significance in the regional panorama, and that the people of Funchal and Madeira still Most of them unaware. ”

A straight copy and Translate from Diario.