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Today we remember the terrible floods of 20th February 2010.

7 years ago today Madeira was hit by heavy rain, causing flash flooding and rock and land slides, filling the rivers of Funchal so the city was flooded and the amount of rocks and debris is hard to imagine.

Serra de Agua and Ribeira Brava were also badly affected, with the greatest loss of life and homes.

Anyone living here will never forget this day and watching the news updates constantly on TV, Mobile signals were down so it was hard to check on family and friends, the lives that were lost, and still bodies never found. Many homes were washed away as well as cars and peoples belongings.

The island bounced back quickly, as it always does, and has had to many times since with flooding in the north of the island and terrible fires over the last few years, but still to this day there is evidence of this disaster, and the city is still being rebuilt.

I have two albums below as a reminder of this terrible day , and if you have not heard of the floods or not seen many photos, then they are well worth looking at to see the total power of mother nature. The first album has a few pages which you can move to at the bottom of each page.

Madeira's Worst Storm Feb 2010 (11)

Photos from the net (55)