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A friend of mine has translated this story from RTP Madeira video story.


Price of car reservation will include all expenses.

Hundreds of consumers complained and there are now new rules on car rentals.

Around 2000 European consumers complained in the last year of car rental companies. They complain of the fact that the price presented to the consumer does not include all the expenses, at the time of paying they are surprised with higher bills.

The largest car rental companies will now apply common rules in contracts with customers. The total price of the reservation will include all compulsory expenses.

According to the video:

Some rent-a-car companies try to increase the profit margin with extra services and insurances added to the base value of the car rental.

Many times customers are not prepared for these expenses, nor do they understand the rationale for these fees.

The top 5 companies in the industry have agreed to apply common rules. The total price will include all expenses and the rental conditions must be clear.

The consumer has the option of getting the car with the full tank and returning it in the same conditions. This will be an European standard rule.

In 2016, about 20 clients filed complaints with the consumer protection service, mostly due to the charges of imperceptible damages.

Rental car companies request for measures of protection to avoid losses.

Number of costumers complaints have been increasing over the last years. European Union regulation will meet the concerns of customers.

Thanks Nuno for the translation.

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