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Below is the process for refunds for the Porto Santo Line and Air travel.

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For Air Travel

Question: Who is entitled to this allowance?

Answer: Passengers who are resident, resident-equivalent or students, in Madeira.

Q: Which students are entitled to this allowance?

A: Those who, at the time of the trip, are aged 26 years or less and who:

They attend any level of official education or equivalent on the continent, the Azores or the EU and are resident in Madeira;

They attend any level of official education or equivalent in the ADR and reside on the mainland, the Azores or the EU.

Q: When is there a refund?

A: When the cost of the ticket exceeds € 86 (residents) and € 65 (students), in the case of travel between Madeira and the mainland.

When the cost of the ticket exceeds € 119 (residents) and € 89 (students), in the case of travel between Madeira and the Azores.

Q: Is the refund processed at the time?

A: No, it will only be processed when 60 days have elapsed from the invoice date or invoice-receipt, of the respective purchase.

That is, if the passenger travels tomorrow and bought his trip for at least two months, he will have his refund available on his return. On the contrary, if you book your trip one day in advance, you will have to wait 59 days to obtain the mobility allowance to which you are entitled.

Q: To what extent is this new model more beneficial to the passenger?

A: From the financial point of view. So far, the passenger received only € 60, regardless of the cost of the trip. With this new model, if the passenger buys the trip up to € 400, he only pays:

  • € 86 for the mainland (get the difference – if it is € 400, get 314)
  • 119 € for the Azores (receive the difference – if it is 400 €, get 281)

If the trip costs € 450, the passenger pays:

  • € 86 for the mainland (receive the difference – if it is € 400, you get 314) + € 50 that exceeds the reference value: 86 + 50 = € 136
  • 119 € for the Azores (receive the difference – if it is 400 €, get 281) + 50 € that exceeds the reference value: 119 + 50 = 169 €

The same reasoning applies to student travel.

Q: Does the passenger pay the full amount of the trip?

A: Yes, you pay the entire ticket at the time of purchase (as it happens today) and only after the trip can you request your refund from Post Office – CTT.

Q: Can travel be paid by credit card?

A: Yes, as it is today.

Q: Is there a right to a refund when you make the one-way trip?

A: Yes.

Q: What about the citizens who live in Porto Santo?

A: The students and residents in Porto Santo will have a final cost equal to that of the residents of Madeira, when they travel to the mainland. The principle also applies on days when there is no direct flight between Porto Santo and the mainland, ie when it is necessary to use the inter-island connection, provided that it is carried out within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Q: What is the maximum time allowed between the return trip for the purpose of reimbursement?

A: Twelve months.

Q: What types of tickets are not reimbursed?

A: According to ANAC and in the case of TAP, the following rates are only eligible: “Discount”, “Basic”, “Classic” and “Plus”, the latter only from October 1st, 2016.

As for Easyjet, the “Standard” and “Inclusive” fare (only available through travel agencies) and Transavia for “Basic” and “Plus” are eligible.

With regard to SATA, the eligibility guarantee is only for “Discount” and “Smart” rates, as some fare basis of the “Value” fare is not eligible. For this reason, the purchase of the ticket with this last tariff should only be effective once its eligibility has been duly proven. ”

There is paper work needed for the refund. So this is what you need:
For Easyjet and Transavia flights:
-Boarding card / Plane ticket
-Copy of your ID Card – this can be done at the Post Office but they will charge you 10 cents.
For TAP flights:
All the items I mentioned above for Easyjet and Transavia plus the Electronic Ticket.
For the Porto Santo

Conditions for the refund for ferry boat tickets to Porto Santo.

The company that manages the ferry boat is called Porto Santo Line – www.portosantoline.pt

You ask for your refund, not at Post Offices like for the airplane refunds but at your local finance department (Finanças).

You must present your ID Card, your tax number, an official document from your bank with your account´s IBAN and NIB, an invoice from the boat trip you´ve done with the amount you spent on it which you can ask for at Porto Santo Line, and a declaration that proves you have a Madeira residency.

The refund is only available for trips done during low season which, in the case of Porto Santo Line, is the Winter Season. Summer months such as June, July and August do not apply to the refund. Check with Porto Santo Line for the correct low/high season dates.