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This is just a translate from Diario.

Paulo Neves expressed concern about the debt that the State holds in the Madeira Electricity Company (EEM), an amount estimated at 60 million euros and that the Social Democrat deputy classifies as “an injustice, a company with the dimension of EEM be without this money “.

After a meeting with the administration, the PSD-Madeira deputies in the Assembly of the Republic were clear. “EEM fulfills its obligation but is not compensated by what it pays to municipal councils, unlike what happens at national level, because at national level large electricity companies pay the municipal councils the right of way, but then are compensated, that is to say they are compensated by what they pay, “said Paulo Neves, who warned that there is no legislation that obliges the same in Madeira what is done at the national level. ”

The PSD deputies elected by the Region to represent the Madeiran people in the Assembly of the Republic have made efforts to demand from the central government the incorporation of this debt into the State Budget. “Whoever has responsibility, who has the power to make this debt to EEM be paid is the Government of the Republic when discussing the EO,” he warned.

The solution, according to the PSD, is a phased payment and distributed equally by all Portuguese. “We in Madeira also pay what is happening on the continent. What we are arguing for is that for 15 years these 60 million are paid nationally in the electricity bill, “referring to the responsibility for a possible solution for electricity regulators and the Government of the Republic itself.

Between 2006 and 2016 the EEM was not compensated financially by the State and, in this sense, the deputies of the PSD-Madeira already demanded the incorporation of this debt, budgeted at 60 million, in the OE.