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There are big problems at the airport now as at least 6 flights have just diverted all in the space of 20 minutes.

This will have a huge knock on affect from Saturday, when nearly all UK flights were cancelled or diverted.

I will try to keep this blog post updated through the day,  if you have any info please leave in comments below.

9 planes were trying to land earlier, all were diverted to Porto Santo and 4 to the canaries.

Photo from Diario online.



Nothing is landing at the airport, with quite a few planes now lined up to attempt to land, with Porto Santo full, and the Canaries have been very busy also with Carnival, its a very difficult situation.

Tensions must be high at the airport, with very little information for passengers.

A friend is at the Airport, and has said they are not letting anyone else through security, as it is to full.

With no Flights on Saturday, its a huge problem, and why is the arrivals showing double of everything????

The airport is completely empty of planes, it just begs he question why they let so many people through the other side, when nothing had been landing for hours.

18 flight have been diverted, 5 to Porto Santo, 10 to the Canary Islands, 1 to Faro and 2 in Lisbon, another 3 flights were cancelled. Gusts of wind reached 85km along the south east coast.

Probably one of the worst situations the airport has been in, with two of the busiest days of the week for British flights.

Building work at the airport has also not helped, making it hard to hear announcements.

Photo Tiago Ferro

The Departure Board…..