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Its been a very strange day weather wise today, calm humid, very misty with mist over the mountains and coming from the sea, a really grey but warm day.

At the airport there has been major disruption, many flights were diverted this morning due to strong winds in the area, and this evenings flights have been delayed or cancelled. Most Easyjet Flights have been cancelled as well as Norwegian Air all from the UK.

As I write this is doesn’t look like BA have managed to land, although it had taken off from Gatwick with a delay, but has not landed and no information on the ANAM website as of yet.

There is a yellow warning in place till Midnight Sunday, for strong winds on the south coast, but it must just be affecting the very east side.

Also rough seas and people are advised to keep boats in harbour.

Just looking on flight radar, and it seems BA from Gatwick is having trouble landing, and could well divert.

The BA flight looks to have diverted to Porto Santo now 18.50hrs

Another Update.

BA has flown to Lisbon as Porto Santo is full. I dropped Nelio at the airport as hey needed help and it is very windy there, so I can see why the planes are not landing.

14 flights have been cancelled and 5 flights diverted o Porto Santo where I believe they will stay, and the BA flight to Lisbon.