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A straight translation from the Diario, these people are worth nothing really…

Imagine the only European Island with no Ferry link, but they can spend thousands on changing the name and Image of the Airport, with CRs head being put up everywhere as I speak ready for next Wednesday.


The Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, announced yesterday in the Assembly of the Republic, that she does not intend to launch any public procedure for a ferry line between the mainland and Madeira, since it has the information of the Regional Government and the shipowners that this service does not Is feasible and the state can not finance the six million euros that could balance the accounts.

At a hearing for almost three hours in the Committee on Economy, Innovation and Public Works, in which the Madeiran deputies Paulo Neves (PSD) and Paulino Ascenção (BE) participated, the minister informed him that he was not there to ” Line that everyone tells you is not viable. “I will not be available with certainty to launch a new procedure that the Government of the Autonomous Region told me that it had been empty and that it had no interested parties,” said Ana Paula Vitorino. In this regard, it revealed that the shipowners requested 6 million euros of public compensation to secure the ferry service, but that the regional secretary of the Economy, Eduardo Jesus, believed that it was possible to lower this ‘invoice’ to 2 million euros. Even so, the minister does not admit that the State disburses such amount. The minister described that, In the context of the analysis of this dossier, he listened to the companies that use the ports of Madeira and could be interested in the route. “Potential interested parties tell me that one of the reasons why it is not financially feasible to make such a connection is because of the fees charged in the port system in Madeira, which are excessively high,” said the head of the Government of the Republic.

In any case, Ana Paula Vitorino assured that the population of Madeira is not harmed. “For passengers, territorial continuity is ensured by air transport,” he stressed, noting that European legislation protects the circulation of goods and merchandise for the outermost regions. In addition, he assured that, as a regulator, the Government of the Republic is available to approve any solution that the Regional Government places on this matter. Hypothesis completely discarded is the payment of compensatory damages.

The Minister of the Sea revealed that she is preparing a package of legislative measures and that some of them benefit from the Madeira Ship Registry (MAR). For example, next month a diploma that solves a problem regarding the difficulties of maintaining private armed security on board vessels registered in Portugal must arrive at the Assembly of the Republic.This question was raised by Mr Paulo Neves (PSD), who said that Portugal was one of the three European countries that maintained such a restriction, which removed the competitiveness of MAR registers. The minister also said that the delay in issuing crew certificates has also been resolved (the average time has passed from 78 days to 30 days). However, the minister also announced that the State will start to charge more fees to the vessels registered in Madeira, Because today the MAR damages Lisbon. Is that the State receives 200 thousand euros in fees from shipowners and pays 300 thousand euros in international rates (IMO).