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A straight translation from the Diario.

The Left Bloc accuses the Regional Government of discriminating the Madeirans and “distinguishing first-rate Madeirans”.

According to Deputy Paulino Ascension, the ferry connection to the mainland was interrupted in 2012 “not by action of the Government of the Republic”, but “by the action of the regional authorities that created obstacles, namely absurd charges – ten times more expensive to unload a refrigerator container here Of what it cost in Portimão – and restrictions that were unacceptable to freight transportation. ”

“If someone discriminates against Madeiran people, it is the Regional Government itself that distinguishes Madeira from the first, families that have the right to everything, that have filled the dance for 40 years, that have all the good business, the good places in Government and public administration go For this small group of families and then we have the rest of the population unemployed, to have to emigrate, scraping to pay these privileges of this group of privileged, “stressed the deputy.

“It is pathetic the accusation of the PSD Regional Government of prosecution. It’s just to disguise their incompetence, their bad faith, “he added