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I was shocked and saddened to read this comment on my blog a few days ago.

This goes on all the time, and if you feel you are being taken advantage of always try to get the Taix Number Plate, and also the number they have on the side doors, its normally 4 digits.

We were at the airport Monday waiting for our 6.30pm flight with Easy Jet Manchester when were informed that the incoming flight had been diverted to Faro. Easy Jet then informed us that we had to find our own accommodation for Monday night and then get receipts and they would refund the monies for transfers and accommodation but there was no information as to how to recover these from Easy Jet. We started ringing hotels in Funchal and finally got 3 rooms at the Raga for £45 Euros per night. I was halfway through booking on my Debit card when it was suddenly declined??? My husband and I are both in our 80s and are residents of our own Villa in Prazeres. We had our family with us for a holiday and were flying back with them for a holiday in the UK. They finally got to Easy Jets desk and were told that they could do nothing to help us because everything was booked in the hotels. After my son told them that we were in our 80s and that we had just got 3 rooms at the Raga he tried them again and was able to book them for us which he said that the money had been paid by Easy Jet. We then got a taxi into Funchal, for me and my husband which we shared with a lady and little girl who were going to stay the the Pestana promenade. We arrived at the Raga and were told that the taxi fare was E38.50. We gave her (or tried to give her) £20 euros but she would not accept that and said the price was E38.50 each. I got my receipt and got out after paying E38.50 as I had had enough by then and left the lady still arguing with the lady driver. Just then our family arrived in their taxi (4 of them) and they had paid E38 for the 4 of them. The Raga then wouldn’t give us our rooms until he had received an Email from Easy Jet to confirm that they would be paying him. I would not like to say that the price he had supposedly charged Euro Jet of £135 per room was correct but that is what a couple that were also waiting for a room told us. If that is what happens when tourists are stuck at the airport then I am ashamed of these persons who are taking advantage of the situation. I have to say that the Raga was very nice and that we had lovely rooms and a good breakfast and can recommend it. But please I hope that the Madeiran people aren,t going to start ripping off the tourists when this happens again

Please if you need a taxi pick up, I have a reliable service Caires Taxi’s.

Fidelio is a good friend of mine and will do good rates for any blog reader. they have 3 cars 7-9 seaters, and a taxi from airport to Funchal will be 25.00 euros.

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I take no commission to keep the prices low for you, so enjoy Madeira and please don’t get taken advantage of from the Airport. The taxi driver was Female with dark hair, if I could track her down believe me I would and name and shame her, but the poor lady who left the comment didn’t have any other information. Just a lesson learned.