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An International Airport, and just been renamed to include Cristiano Ronaldos name, and yet there is only 1 lift working to the car park at the airport.

This is a total disgrace and all in charge should be totally ashamed, the queue for the 1 lift is pretty shocking at busy times, and I believe there should be airport staff at the lifts helping passengers.

Most passengers only have hand luggage, and don’t realise how quick it is to use the stairs, if they had some help on hand then the queue at the lift could be reduced by at least 60%. People are just getting frustrated with the one lift which are also very slow, and it being full at every floor it stops, just slowing everything down a lot more.

Maybe all those in Management at the airport, should get off their big fat arses, and see what is going on, and find some way to help the situation, as it doesn’t like like the other is going to be repaired anytime soon.