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A very good idea that will save lives, so don’t ignore and download this app.

Madeira Civil Protection today launched a mobile application that allows you to know the exact location of a request for help, this should create an efficient response strategy for tourists and residents.

“We live in a region where those who visit us are five times higher than those who live here and so it is important that we create applications that can somehow save lives and provide the most efficient possible rescue and alertness,” said the Regional Secretary for Inclusion and Social Affairs, Rubina Leal, who oversees regional civil protection.

Named Prociv and developed by a regional start-up, the application could make a valuable contribution,to tourists who get lost or who are hurt on traditional Madeiran levadas.

“Last year we had 72 people who suffered accidents or death on footpaths and Levadas, and it is important to have support mechanisms, but to be as immediate as possible,” she said.

The application, in addition to giving the user’s location, be it tourist or resident, can give the 112’s information and additional information that can help the rescue.

“It’s an application that, besides giving the location of people, can even give some indication of the state of health or health problems they may have,” said Rubina Leal.

This is possible because the application allows the creation of a user profile, where information can be entered such as known diseases, allergies, blood group or regular medication, and the regional executive has invested six thousand euros.

David Olim is the responsible of the company that made the programming of the application and emphasizes that it allows a “direct connection to the 112 and send to the appropriate means the location of the person”, just for the purpose to use it.

The application allows you to give alerts in various categories such as hiking, fire, ambulance and others and is available in Portuguese and English – in future with five more languages ​​- for Android (Google) and IOS (Apple) systems.


I have put the link to the google play below, I do not use apple so I cant find the app, if someone sends me the link I will add it.


Thanks to Robert for the Apple Store link.