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Thanks to Don Amaro for this story.

The use of aerial means in firefighting is a “hot” topic in Madeira

There has been a lot of discussion, with opinions from both parties, many of them from pilots with firefighting experience and some with flight experience in Madeira, the truth is that tests were never done with the apparatuses in the field in order to try to verify this possibility on the spot and more that is not to give a final answer to the controversy, answering to all those who claim never to have been made these tests and therefore do not trust only the opinion of A or B …

Two helicopters from HTA Helicopters arrived in the Region yesterday and will carry out these tests in the next few days.
Regardless of the results, it is always interesting for a spotter to be able to register these devices here, now that the only helicopter in the Region is the Air Force EH-101, located in AM3 – Porto Santo

It seems the president of Madeira Miguel Albuquerque, didn’t know anything about the arrival of the 2 helicopters, but states that relations between regional and national governments are normal, and has to be de-dramatised.