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Since returning to Madeira in December 2016, after being in the UK for 7 months, I noticed an increase of stray dogs on he streets, and it has slowly started getting worse in my opinion.

I wanted to do something to help, especially the animal charities that are running on the island and get no help from the Government, and are thousands of euros in debt.

So I have set up a Go Fund Me Page, and aim to keep it running, and spending the money on food and flea treatments, and anything else these charities need. I will be speaking to the charities and to a couple of vets on the island also, but the main thing is we can help by providing food, and treatment for fleas to help the animals have a more comfortable life. Also we need to look at other possibilities, along with education, and get animals neutered.

This is a small island and I know there are problems with animal cruelty everywhere in the world, but for such a small island you see far more than you should, and if I was a tourist I would not like to see some of the things you see on a daily basis.

I also know friends of mine who have taken dogs and cats home to UK, Germany, Holland etc for a better life, and I know many animals get this opportunity, so maybe we can help with this also.

So please if you can help with a small donation that will be very grateful,  I personally will spend money where its needed, and keep you all updated.

You can also Donate with PAYPAL through the link on my blog in the right hand column, just let me know the money is for the Animals.

Thank you.