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On 1st March 2017 ten M3A members  collect over 20 sacks  full of plastic waste at the beach of Madelena do Mar. We cleaned just the half of the long beach. The last  time it was raining, so let`s start again!

The accumulation of plastic waste in the oceans is a global, rapidly growing problem. Experts are especially concerned about the enormous amounts of plastic particles that are smaller than grains of sand and may enter the food chain.  See here

Let´s meet in Madalena do Mar, on the 27th April.  Coming from Ribeira Brava it at the first rotunda just at the beginning of the dead-end-street.(in the direction Ponta do Sol)

Gloves and good foot wear are needed.

Afterwards we can have a drink or  lunch together.
Date and time subject to weather and tides.
If it is raining or stormy, we will meet on Friday, 28th April.

In May we will meet on Thursday 25th of May  in Sao Vicente.

Please contact  me if you have some ideas.with flowing, floating greetings