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A translation from the Diario, and a much needed change in the Law

It is about to enter into force the new legal status of animals, which brings new legal obligations to owners and also to anyone who comes across a lost or injured animal. As of May 1, our ‘best friends’ are seen as ‘sentient beings’ and those who do not respect them can pay heavy fines or go to jail.

The amendment concerning the right to health and well-being will be the one that more generally implies changes for those who own pets, but also for those who find an animal on the street.

This means that for those who have them at home, animals will have access to water, food and veterinary care. Including the possibility of deducting 15% VAT from invoices with veterinary expenses, there is no excuse for not ensuring the protection of the health and welfare of the animals with which it coexists. Anyone who fails to do so may suffer sanctions, including imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 120 days – the same applies to anyone who inflicts pain, suffering or physical abuse on a companion animal.

If you injure the companion animal of another person, you will have to compensate the owner or who has rescued the animal, not only from veterinary expenses, but also from moral damages in case of permanent damage, serious difficulty or death of the animal.

And since the law admits that animals feel pain and anguish, in the case of owners’ divorce, the fate of the bigeye will have to be included in the compulsory documents that accompany the application in the Conservatoires, as is the case with parental responsibilities, in In case of mutual consent, determining to whom the animal is entrusted according to the interests of the spouses and children that may exist, as well as the welfare of the animal.

You can consult new legal status here .