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A straight translation from the Diario

SMIITY is an accessible and free mobile app compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, which allows regions, cities and / or monuments to communicate with tourists and citizens. As providing the user, in your language, with news, events, points of interest, walking routes and more.

Through interaction with beacons, small signal transmitters that send these contents to the user’s mobile device through Bluetooth Low Energy, these contents can be automatically presented to the user, without the user having to look for them.

Madeira, in particular Funchal, will have the installation of several beacons in different points of the city, namely in the Museum of Quinta das Cruzes, providing a more dynamic and interactive experience for citizens and tourists.

The presentation of the SMIITY project in Madeira takes place on Friday at 11.30 am in the Fort of São Tiago (Funchal). It will be attended by the Regional Secretary for Economy, Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus.

Also don’t forget to check out the Madeira sights and landscapes app on my homepage, if your a new or old visitor to the island this is a must have app.