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This was posted the other day on my friends Facebook Page.

Natalia lives just up the road from me and runs Animad who help stray animals on the Island.

It is a translation so keep that in mind.

Today, after a long day of work, during my weekend, our of animad, exhausted, after deliveries of food the projects, training for flower festival of cleaning and care of our 100 dogs from the shelter and 50 more cats, with a sandwich in the stomach and a coffee, I come home and find this, dog, tied to my gate.
I was starving and waiting two exhausted both physically and financially.
I feel sorry for this people… I have anger of this people… I despise… look… I don’t even know!
I just know that I’m tired! I only know that the animad has a debt of 24.000 € with the vetmedis that has to pay urgently, which has animals requiring desparatisantes, sterilisation etc etc and has no money!
When we asked for support, just some help and all the other hiss to the side!
I’m tired of a population that cares about busts and with other goo-goo eyes and not care less about the real problems!
I’m sick of politicians who constantly patting yourselves on the back forgetting that, while they are campaigning in favour of their own pockets, thousands of animals die in this island!
I’m sick of scenarios of the secretary of agriculture with protocols with the order of the local vets, with promises of hypocrites that benefit only half a dozen while hundreds of animals suffer!
I’m tired! And you know why?! Because for us the animals in the first plan!
Local authorities, politicians, no comment my dear! You guys are centuries of reality! Centuries!
I’m tired!
We have close to 120 dogs and 50 cats! We are booked and waiting, there’s a month to complete the credit, our sterilisation!
I’m tired of seeing clinics and clinics to open around every corner and more and more animals to suffer! Endless lists for sterilisation, animals in the corner of the road abandoned…
Sick of this incompetence hypocrite that abounds around!
I’m sick of, in a fair, even exhausted from working professionally and work pro bono for the benefit of the problems of this island, to hear the kind of hypocrisy that: “these people are making money at the expense of animals”.
My dear… if they’re is definitely not the animad!!!
We have 24.000 € of debt in the back, on a monthly basis I and my husband, we pay 650 € of our pocket to pay for the land and debts that we took to the shelter and the animals of the animad!
I have an old truck, the animad has another old, don’t buy clothes for more than a year and I don’t know what’s out for dinner for months and months and I have my balance at millennium bcp negative in 2.000 €.
More details?! It’s just in touch with us, I will be happy to make you a tour of our day-to-day!
I am ashamed of this people… seriously…
A people that is limited to walk in the social networks, the making of friends of everything and everyone, of solidarity and on the ground they don’t do anything!
I am angry this mess of this political class that continues to think about anything but in the problems of this island!
My dear…
I don’t know where I’m going to put this dog…
I don’t know where I’m going to get money to pay our debts and help our animals…
Of all, there’s only one registry to whom we owe our highest gratitude to the secretary of tourism because, without the events that hard work and we do, our situation would be much worse!
My dear, this was a rant!
Not a rant of tiredness, but rather of war!