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Translated copy from the Diario…

Emanuel Santos, author of Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust on the arrivals of Madeira Airport, confesses that he has not reacted well to criticism and humor that the piece motivates, but stresses that he is “satisfied” with the work.

“I honestly have not reacted very well, but I’m trying to get over it and I have to have the strength to lift my head and move on,” the sculptor told reporters on the controversial bust today.

Installed outside the arrivals terminal of Madeira Airport, which since Wednesday has been renamed Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, the sculptural piece is an inescapable target of attention and is constantly surrounded by people with cameras and camcorders.

“Of course, in doing a job of this nature, a public figure, a world-wide media figure, beforehand already knew that he would take this risk,” said Emanuel Santos, remembering that he is a self-taught person and that no one invited him to take the project, since it was he who presented it to the direction of the airport.

“They found it well and sent it forward,” he said, adding that the initiative was approved and reported to the Regional Government, which in turn informed the family of the footballer.

Emanuel Santos, who is 40 and unemployed three months ago, says the family sent photographs of the bust to Cristiano Ronaldo and he “liked what he saw.”

“My goal was to project myself, let’s face it, because I’m starting to take my first steps,” he said, adding that when he conceived the project, he was an employee of the airport clean-up service and presented himself Direction in the work uniform.

Emanuel Santos revealed that, when conceiving the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, he intended to “strengthen the walk”, because he had previously received positive reviews in relation to other works.

While talking to journalists, the whirlwind of people around the bust was constant and sometimes expressions such as “look great” or “congratulations to the sculptor” were heard, a very different record from what circulates in social networks and humor sites, where the bust is ridiculed.

“Being a critic of my work, I have already noticed that there was one detail or another that could have been better,” he acknowledged, stressing, however, that “art is like this” and that a work never “100% “Reality, otherwise” loses the effect of art “.

Emanuel Santos explained, on the other hand, that he dedicated himself to the bust only in his free time, and the clay moulding phase was completed in 15 days.

“After this phase, there was the transition to plaster. And then it was sent to the mainland for a smelter, for the passage to bronze, “he said, showing, however, photographs of the entire creative process.

The bust of Cristiano Ronaldo is the second sculptural piece of Emanuel Santos exposed in public space, the first one a large piece in honour of the fishermen of Caniçal, parish of the county of Machico, east of Madeira, where it is natural.

It certainly has captured a lot of attention world wide, and will probably become the most photographed bust in the world.

I know all the news sites and press have been hounding Emanuel for his side of the story. and made all the news channels in the UK. Even James Corden spoke about it on his Late Late show saying “Just because he’s a soccer player it doesn’t mean you have to sculpt a statue of him with your feet….” #jamescorden

Below is the Sculpture in Caniçal. Thanks to Maggie for the Photos.