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This is  straight translation from the Diario Noticias.

 MPT-Madeira, (Earth Party) says the law of protection of domestic animals “is a real fiasco and without framework in the current society”. “It does not make sense that in our day people continue to think that taking an animal home is a simple act of fun or a toy that can then be thrown away or simply abandoned,” the party said in a statement.

For the Party of the Earth there is still a long way to go as regards the Law on the protection of animals, in particular in the marketing regulations for animals, both by private means and by commercial means in specialty shops. To fit reality. “There is a hidden commerce that develops at a private level that has no surveillance, where all kinds of animals are sold, both at the level of danger, and at the level of protected species or even at the point of extinction,” said MPT- Wood.

“Many of these animals are abandoned by their owners, namely dogs and cats, resulting in various dangers, and then become reports of stray animals attacking poultry and domestic livestock (sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and ducks) that result in Damage to its owners. There are situations where they even attack people. The MPT-Madeira asks who should be held responsible for the acts of stray dogs, now in the wild? How are the cattle owners who suffered small, medium and large losses with the death of domestic cattle and poultry? Is there any law or insurance that could be affected in this type of situation and that could somehow mitigate the economic losses that result from this death? “, He adds.

The MPT-Madeira says that “the PAN and other parties falsely support the defense of animals by upholding a law that is totally irresponsible, which has only one objective that is not to compensate owners who have had thousands of euros in damages, As producers and breeders of animals that are marketed in various branches of the sale of meat in the existing trade. ”

All this results from the prohibition of ‘slaughtering’ wandering animals, which are often responsible for the death of other domestic animals for commercial purposes. More serious is that these animals (dogs and cats) “harm the animal fauna of the Region and the country, because they adapt easily and start hunting protected species such as rabbit, hare, partridge, etc.”

“The reality witnessed by all of us is that towns and mountains are filled with abandoned domestic animals, especially dogs and cats. Some of these dogs form packs of chase to grazing livestock from the region’s mountains, and there are already several reports of situations that have caused very high cattle mortality and losses that are not recoverable, “says MPT-Madeira.

For the Party of the Earth “it is necessary to rethink in depth the law of protection of the animals and not to present irresponsible proposals that in no way solved the true problem of the abandonment of animals and commercialization of the same ones. It is also not only with the creation of more kennels that the situation is solved, because most of them do not even have the necessary conditions to have them there and in our opinion everyone is in a certain way not complying with the law and overcrowded, failing to give Response to situations that arise in everyday life “.

The oversight must be “broader and people should be held accountable for what is going on from non-enforcement, yet in our view the law is confusing and omitted in several respects, which should be broadly debated and responsibly voted on.”

“Is this the policy we want to regulate the animal area, namely, the true protection of animals?” He asks. For MPT-Madeira “there is a lot of work to do, not enough to charge and present ideas that most of the time never defend the animals, resulting in first abandonment and then in mistreatment of them.

As you know the animals legally ceased to be considered as a ‘thing’ “. In order to have an animal either as a pet or as an agricultural animal, “it is not enough to like it, it is necessary to have space, conditions, means and fulfill all the requirements that emanate from the law, namely that which is reflected by the veterinary laws that support the whole process Which sustains the welfare of animals in health and health terms, thus enhancing our public health as citizens. ”

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