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Thanks to Jane for posting this comment, I thought i would bring it into a post as it might be affecting many more people who are not aware of this.

Hi Tobi ,

I would like to highlight the situation I find myself in. I have had a pay as you go TMN / MEO mobile for 9 years which doesn’t use WiFi . I rarely use it as I have a UK smartphone and tend to use my WiFi at home and whatsapp. Recently I realised my credit was dropping far more quickly and I initially assumed charges had increased. I went to the MEO shop at La Vie to enquire as to why this was happening. I was told that 14 months ago my account was changed to include WiFi costing 5.49 euro a month. I said I had not asked for this and demanded to know who had logged on the computer to change my account, what date, when did charges start etc. I asked if the member of staff received commission for this. I was informed that I could receive a refund of 3 months only as it was MY fault that I had not noticed it before. I said that in effect this was theft and I wanted answers to my questions which no one seemed to want to give me . I have been told that the refund has now been increased to 6 months and my complaint has been escalated to their head office. I will on principle keep fighting for a full refund . The astonishing thing , at the end of the conversation was, would I like to change from NOS to MEO for my cable TV, WiFi and home phone !!!! I said , I wouldn’t, as how could I trust a company that had fleeced me .

Since this Comment Jane has sent me another update after visiting the store today.

Hi Tobi , 
I was asked to go back today or Monday to see if the remaining 8/9 months @ 5.49 euros would be refunded to me.
I decided to go today as I suspected that the refund would not be forthcoming. 
I only asked the date that the WiFi package was added to my account and the actual date in March 2016 that payments started to be taken from my credit ( so that I could send a formal complaint via email to MEO head office in the event that a full refund was not given. ) 
To my astonishment, my initial complaint and every bit of information has allegedly disappeared from the computer. 
No trace of me ever having  WiFi  package added, no trace of the payments etc.
As far as the computer is concerned, this situation never happened. 
I was told that as the information is no longer there,  there is nothing anyone can do.
How convenient to dispose of all the information as soon as they were caught out. 
So, as it stands, I am out of pocket to the tune of 45/50 euro with no hope of getting it back. 
The moral of the story is, apparently, you are responsible for finding out you have been fleeced. 
If anyone else has had problems with Meo and their Mobile phone in Madeira let us know, especially EX-pats you have a mobile number here and have found their credit disappear.