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Well done to this Spanish journalist Juan Carlos Diaz Lourenzo.

The text has been translated from Spanish.

We do not understand what happens to the heads of the inept and clumsy rulers of the autonomous region of Madeira and other obtuse public representatives of the continent to systematically prevent their people from having an efficient maritime ferry service such as that maintained by Naviera Armas between the Canary Islands, Madeira and Portimao. We do not understand. We can not understand how they have been unable for the last five years to find a solution, an alternative to the one given by the Canarian shipping company and we can not understand why Portuguese shipowners have been manifestly incapable of taking over.

What’s going on? What is hidden? Who is behind all this? The one that had become one of the most successful lines of Naviera Armas, especially the section between Funchal and Portimao – also between the Canary Islands and Funchal generated an interesting traffic -, found obstacles and more obstacles on the part of a chain of politicians and Opponents and opponents of the development of their land. I should be ashamed of them. In some Portuguese maritime media it was clear then and it was said that there is so much bureaucracy and obstacles that the regional administration of Madeira imposed on Naviera Armas, that any attempt became insurmountable so that the line was taken back with due guarantees.

Without going any further, we knew that there were intentions in the summer of 2013 that the service would have been restored, with the undoubted benefits that would have been for Madeira, in the case of the cheapening of the basic basket products, estimated at 25%. We read in September of that year in the portuguese digital sulinformacao.pt statements of the commander Monteiro Marques made during a session and debate on the maritime potential of the Algarve region, in which he said that Naviera Armas requested authorization from the IPTM and the response was That he had begun the whole process from the beginning, a task that the commander Monteiro Marques defined as “cyclopean.”

The curious thing is that it gave the impression then that the Port Authority of Portugal “does not know” or did not want to meet Naviera Armas, after having between June 2008 and January 2012 had transported about a hundred thousand passengers and 50,000 cars and Medium and heavy vehicles, thus making possible the maritime connection between Portimao and Madeira interrupted then for 25 years; Which made it possible for the Madeirans to access the continent with their own vehicles and also the Portuguese of the continent, Spaniards, other Europeans and other nationalities, could enjoy at least a week of stay on the beautiful island of Madeira.


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