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Translated copy from the Diario.

The Farmers’ Market is once again associated with the Flower Festival, one of the largest tourist posters in the city and region, with the production of a traditional Madeiran flower carpet, “which promises to re-enchant local and visitors “, According to the Municipality of Funchal, in a note sent to the press.

This is the third consecutive year in which FUNCHAL ASSOCIATION associates the emblematic Farmers’ Market with the celebrations of the Flower Festival, this being one of several initiatives prepared by the Department of Economy and Culture of the Autarchy to valorise this celebration. The carpet will be on display to the public between 8 and 11 May, and can be visited from 9 am to 6 pm, specifies the CMF.

“The Municipality of Funchal praises that the realization of this carpet is only possible thanks to the collaboration of the florists of the Farmers’ Market who will once again ensure the availability of the necessary floral species, which is composed of several period flowers and endemic . The relevance and symbolism of involving the Farmers Market at the Flower Festival is also highlighted, given that this is the most emblematic place for selling flowers throughout the archipelago, “he adds.


Thanks to Nelio Filipe Marques for this Photo.

Funchal getting ready for flower festival.

Also the leading Image and information from Ocorrencias na Madeira


If your not lucky enough to be in Madeira for the Flower Festival, one of the largest tourist attractions of the year, then you can watch the Parade LIVE on this LINK