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The Golden Gate Cafe in Funchal is soon to re-open I heard today.

The building was brought by the Golden Company late last year, for just over 4.7 million euros, the owner is from Venezuela and owns the Ocean Gardens Hotel and Montanha Restaurant, in São Gonçalo, Funchal.

The opening is due at the end of this month, after months of refurbishment come to an end.

The name will stay the same Golden Gate Cafe, also known as “The Corner of the World”.

The cafe closed in August 2014 after the owner had run up debts of 47 million euros, along with the Regency Palace and Yacht Bars in Funchal.

The top two floors will be a new boutique hotel, and the first floor will have the restaurant area, while the ground floor will have the traditional cafe area and outside seating.

It will be great to see this place open again, being one of the oldest parts of Funchal history.