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Pop on the Rock – Q&A with Lexi Lawson, CEO of the Boss Music Group

MIN You recently released a double A Side – Not Goodbye, how is that going?

LL Yes its going well, we were very lucky. We had a great writing team, production team and we also had a stunning location for the video shoot here on the island.

MIN How do you find running a record label on a small island?

LL To be honest it is very challenging. I’m one of those people who gives a lot, and I have supported many artists who are not managed by me as well and unfortunately it is always a one way street. We are also restricted here, there aren’t that many commercial studios or rehearsal facilities. I have always found Paulo Ferraz’s studio to be the best. He has decades of experience and is very good at what he does.

MIN Can you elaborate at why it is so challenging?

LL Well, whenever I approach bookers, or production companies etc they always want me to move to Lisbon. I think they worry about getting on and off the island as sometimes you can’t get off due to weather conditions.

MIN How many artists do you manage at the moment?

LL I manage 4 and I co-manage another one. But I will be stopping artist management very soon.

MIN Why is that? When we have talked before you have always said that developing and managing artists is what you love the most.

LL It is actually due to health reasons. For the last 2 years I have struggled with chronic pain. A few months ago it became so bad that I had to see a doctor. After many blood tests, x rays and scans I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. The main symptom is neuropathic pain. It has started to affect my mobility, I can’t walk very far and steps are difficult. I take around 8 tablets 3 times a day to try and diminish the pain a little so it is partly under control.

MIN If the pain is being managed why retire from artist management?

LL Mainly because stress exacerbates the pain. I have thought about moving away from artist management before, but a couple of things have happened in the last couple of weeks that have made my mind up for me.

MIN So what will you be doing then?

LL I will continue as A&R in Portugal for the multi-platinum award winning agency, Crossfire and I will continue to co-manage an artist with them. I have 2 record labels and I will be developing them. I get around 60 to 70 music submissions a day from unsigned artists so I will champion them and those that are great will release on either one of my labels. Listening to music isn’t stressful at all. I love music so I will concentrate on releasing and pursuing sync deals.

MIN How do you feel about these changes?

LL I’m sad. I think I have achieved a lot in the last few years and I have put my heart and soul into my artists, but I cannot continue. Of course, not all artists create stress but its easier if I change the way my labels function overall.

MIN So will we be hearing from you again soon?

LL Yes, you will. I have new music lined up to release, I hope you all enjoy my choices!