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The Port of Funchal received the submarine of the Navy ‘Arpão’ which, during this weekend, was open to the public, attracting the attention of many people, Madeiran and tourists, who do not want to miss the chance to see one of the Submarines in Portugal.

Also thank you to Margaret who sent me this.

Hi Tobi
Thanks so much for the info about the submarine, we wouldn’t of heard about it otherwise and it was really worth doing.  We arrived at 3.30 and there were about 40 people in front of us. They had already started doing the tours as they had crossed out the 4.00 start and changed it to 2.30. By 4.00 there must have been well over 100 people behind us and they kept turning up. We had to wait an hour to get on so I can’t imagine what time they would have finished the tours!!
They were OK about taking photos everywhere except where the periscope was.