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The Classic cars seem to be a huge success, and a beautiful day for the opening today.

Nelio heard a couple of tourists say “that its impossible all these cars are from the island”, Nelio explained “they are all on the island and stay here in garages, and that there are many collectors.”

Praça do Povo has returned to the past. The opening ceremony of the Classic car show which was held this morning, was attended by Paulo Cafôfo, president of the Municipality of Funchal (CMF), and Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary of the Economy, Tourism and Culture.

The president of the CMF said that Funchal needs these events that energize the city and bring people to the downtown area, where they have around them a real “museum” of antiques.

Paulo Cafôfo said that the CMF financially supports the organization and stressed that not all cities “have the possibility of having a car park of classics with this quality”.

“This is unheard of and we need to show what we have, because it’s great when these cars come out of the garages and together they work as a showcase for tourism, but also for the locals,” he said, adding that all this gives another “Glamour” to the city.