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Hi just a reminder about the offers I have.

Madeira in a Nutshell is probably the best guide to the island you will find, everything is laid out in a very simple way, and covers everything on the island.

I have this book for only €20.00 and €5.00 euros of that will go to my charity for unwanted and abandoned animals on the island.

It will make a great gift for someone, or if you have a holiday property your guests will love this as a guide, which can be left in your property.

Madeira in a Nutshell only €20.00


Madeira Now is also another great guide to have while on the island.

he booklet is packed with information, and over 300 discounts on Shops, Restaurants, Tours and so on.

The booklet is only €5.00 and you will earn this money back easy by using 1 or 2 of the discounts, plus you have a guide to Madeira, laid out by each area of the island. I have copies in the Caniço, Garajau, Santa Cruz area.

You can also pick them up In Continente, gift shops, kiosks that sell newspapers, plus most Hotels.

Madeira Now only €5.00


Also if you have children in Madeira, or are coming on holiday with your kids this summer, I have these great Maps for kids to giveaway, I can also post free to Europe.

Just Contact me at [email protected] for any offer.

Free Map for Kids