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Just a couple of updates I have for you.

The Golden Gate Cafe which we all are waiting to open, is taking a little longer than expected. They hoped to open by the end of May, but this has now moved towards the end of June. Any more news and I will let you know.

The Venezuelan crisis has already seen around 4000 Madeiran’s return to the island, with about 1000 of these registering at the job center. With more and more returning I guess it could put a real strain on the Island, as jobs are very hard to find, although looking at the news and all the comments and photos on social media, you cant blame them for wanting to return.

A tourist bus and car collided in Faial earlier today.

The accident happened around 11.30 this morning, causing heavy traffic in the area. No injuries reported.

On June 10 the Parish Council of Ponta do Pargo promotes a walk to the Calhau.

The descent to the Calhau of Pongo do Pargo is made by a path where it is possible to know a unique corner of that parish that is little known by the people of Madeira.

In addition to the unique landscapes, the organization promises to meet at the end of the tour with food and drinks.

The meeting is scheduled for the Civic Centre of Ponta do Pargo.

The sidewalk is in good condition. Only suitable footwear is required.

From Funchal Noticias

The Arpão submarine which visited the island last weekend attracted a lot of visitors, and the queue can be seen in the image below.

If you didn’t get chance to visit, there are some nice photos here

That’s it for now. I will have a great offer for you all a little later on today, so if you love Madeira make sure you check back, and if you have not yet signed up, please do so in the sidebar. 🙂