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“We lost everything. All the people who owned their belongings lost everything. Lives were lost, many lives, especially on the upper floors. “

These are words of Francisco Ramos, a 20 year old Madeiran who resided in the Grenfell Tower in London, which this morning was hit by a fire of large proportions. The musician, an organist studying at the Royal Academy of Music, also works in a hotel to help pay the costs of staying in the city and was out when the fire started.

Although not at home, the young lad lost everything he had in his room on the 13th floor of the shared apartment. It was his roommate who alerted him by phone to the fire and when he arrived he could only watch helplessly as the flames completely destroyed the building.

“The people on my floor think they had some luck, they managed to escape unharmed. However, those on the upper floors certainly died “, believes the Madeiran. Only 6 are confirmed to have dies as I write this bit the number is expected to rise as the day goes on.

Francisco Ramos will have his friends in London, who will find him a place to stay overnight, and the Portuguese community is cohesive and solidarity is unimaginable.

Francisco Ramos has been in London for eight months, he’s from São Martinho.

Another very sad tragedy for London.