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Matur was once the 5 Star complex back in it’s day, along with the Atlantis Hotel, which was demolished for the new runway.

The state of the Matur complex today, is, well shit is the only word to use. The once 5 star swimming pool, is now full of raw sewage.

The Government should be disgusted with themselves to let this happen, and to leave it so long.  Paulino Ascenção, of the left Block (BE), warned of the problem that calls into question public health, making this part of the municipality of Machico and open Shit Pit.

Paulino is also shocked that there is no money to solve this problem, but money for “statues”

Photo from DN

Matur Swimming Pool

I am not sure if I am right or wrong in saying this, but the Government of Madeira, seems to have great ideas, lots of money to spend on new structures, and then just leave them to rot, hoping they will look after themselves.

I walked along the sports complex under the airport runway the other day, the place had just gone to rack and ruin, the snack bars are all stripped bar, the boating lake is a festering mosquito pit, the gardens look disgusting, I just find it so sad that so many places are now like this. as this is just one example.

I’m sure my readers can list many more examples or places that have just been left to rot.

Lets also remember the President Albuquerque, owned the rose gardens in São Jorge, another place where tourists are charged 5.00 euros, to look round an ill kept garden, what has he been doing with all the money? Maybe a statue of him will pop up soon, but lets hope not. The good news is Pestana have now brought the gardens, so they may be kept a little better than they were.

Just one last thing. as it is something I share a lot on Facebook, the Camara’s (councils) of each area, seem to only look after the parts they want to look after, and bugger the rest. The Camara of Santa Cruz is a good example, as the area of down town Santa Cruz is immaculate, other areas are just left. They should look after Caniço de Baixo, but this has just been left a mess, and being the largest tourist area outside of Funchal, I think they should be made to look after it better, as goes for the area of Crist Rei, it looks a total mess, never looked after and just deteriorating every day .

Ok, that was a bit of a rant , and I don’t know if you feel the same or not, but I see this island getting busier and busier, but the standard is getting poorer and poorer.

Let me know what you think, and leave your comments, and if you want to share photos of places that you think the standards have dropped send them into me, and maybe I will post them in a future post.

Leading photo of our soon to be ex president, one can hope.





Matur Swimming Pool