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I was very lucky last week to meet up with Pedro Spinola, who has a fascination of Orchids, and has written his first book,

The book is beautifully illustrated, and written in Portuguese and English, anyone keen on plants and gardens, must add this to their collection, an get growing some beautiful orchids.

Orchids- Between natural selection and pure fascination

About the book

Orchids are and have always been part of the Madeiran culture and represent a conspicuous element of the local gardens, prised and wanted for their colour, scent and exotic appearance.

From the Navigators´ time until quite recently, many expeditions took place in the tropics to find and to name new orchids species. On the way back to Europe, Madeira was the safe and preferred port to refill and many of those species got stuck on the island and are now part of that heritage.

As a result, orchids have been cultivated for many years and this book, sponsored by the Madeiran Government is a testimonial of that passion, aiming for those that want to know more about this plant family.

From their origins, habitats, cultivation and particularities, this book, written in Portuguese and English, illustrated with hundreds of photos, is a step towards a more colourful culture, bringing orchids into people´s houses, elucidating its readers about this amazing plant.

About the author

Pedro Spínola is a 26 year old author, having just published his first “Orchid book”. With a degree and a post-grad in Culture and Communication, orchids may seem like an unlikely path but it is his background which allowed him to tell his story, enchanting people about his fascination to this plant family.

Orchids are part of the author´s life for 7 years now. A 400 species collection took place over his terrace and the goal, one day, would be to open an Orchidarium- orchid garden, where the plants can be exhibited in a natural way, educating and mesmerizing the visitors.

On its way, Pedro Spínola is a certified lecturer, giving seminars in Lisbon and Porto, where he decorates Porto´s and Lisbon´s International Orchids Exhibition, organized by A.P.O. (Portugal Orchid Association) for which he also writes on the association´s magazine, works as a media manager and PR.

As Pedro says the book has been sponsored by the Madeiran Government, and only 1000 copies have been printed.

Pedro is selling the book f0r €20.00 this will help go towards all his hard work in his collection and all the work and time he has spent on the book.

Please if you would like to help support Pedro, and his love of these beautiful flowers, contact me at [email protected] and I will put you in contact with Pedro, I take no commission and all proceeds go straight to Pedro.

I would also like to offer any reader who wishes to buy the book, but cant get to Madeira, a discounted Postage rate of €2.50 to anywhere in Europe.