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A translation from the Diario Noticias

The Regional Government of Madeira this afternoon issued a statement confirming receipt of the report of the study on the use of aerial means in firefighting.  A report that is in favour of this option.

“The report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, received today, June 20, 2017, indicates that the use of air resources in forest areas and urban areas in Madeira is possible, taking into account the specific characteristics of the territory”, the text of the Regional Secretariat for Inclusion and Social Affairs.

Rubina Leal’s office informs that the Regional Government, which requested the study in August last year, “will immediately create a mission structure that, within 60 days, and will present a proposal for the implementation of these means of firefighting, where costs, Resources and actions to be undertaken will be clearly identified “.

The proposal to be submitted shall contain “a schedule of actions to be taken in order to meet the conditions deemed necessary and set out in the recommendations / conclusions of that report”.

With the elements that are proposed by the mission structure, the Government will deliberate on this matter.