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This is something I talk about from time to time on the blog, and also mention it in my 50 Tips for Madeira.

A comment was added to a post a few days ago and wanted to highlight it, and bring it to your attention again.

Just been ripped off in this market 19 euros for 3 passion fruit and when I got back to hotel fruit was not even ripe and was inedible. It was not the fruit that I had tasted. Very pressured into buying and felt I couldn’t walk away when she told me the price, very bad experience. It is my last day here today and it has totally spoilt my holiday and my opinion of the people. Tourists should be warned of this dreadful place where they wait like wolves to rip off the tourists, making out they are interested in you….rubbish they just want to thieve from you. All hotels should warn their guests of the techniques that these thieves use. My first time in Madeira and now probably my last. I had been loving the island up till this point, now feeling very ripped off by scammers and the authorities continue to let it happen therefore are part of the problem. First and last visit.

This happens to thousands of tourists each year and I really don’t now why its allowed to continue, I would say to all to go to the market and look but do not buy anything, let everyone suffer, and maybe something will change.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have been ripped off in the same way.