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I know I keep my blog to Madeira based news only, but I have to mention the fires in recent days in Portugal.

We watched in horror of the unfolding story of the wild fires in Portugal, that started Saturday afternoon.

The area affected was in the Pedrógrão Grande area of Portugal, right in the center between Porto and Lisbon.

The fire started by lightning striking a tree, and with very high temperatures of 40 degrees in the area, and a strong wind, the fire soon took hold, spreading to other areas of Figueiró dos Vinhos and Castanheira de Pera, in the district of Leiria.

The death toll stands at 62 people, and 135 injured, 121 of then civilians and 14 firemen. 2 Britons were caught up in the fires, and needed hospital treatment for burns and smoke inhalation.

Over 1000 firemen are still tackling fires in the area, with more water dropping planes due to arrive from France. Spain, and Italy.

Thoughts go out to all those involved, and families that have lost their loved ones.