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Today is another nightmare day at Madeira Airport.

Easyjet Gatwick has been trying to land for the last hour, and is still in the holding position, with the hope of landing. Some flights have landed this morning, but not many.

Many travelers spent the night at the airport as companies told them there were no more hotel beds to put people. I think this is not strictly true, and they are just trying to get out of the whole deal of putting people up.

I don’t understand why security let so many people through to the other side, where there is a clear lack of space?

I don’t understand why more flights are not cancelled as they no the winds are much greater than the permitted speed to land safely, so laws are obviously being broken.

I don’t understand why the Barcelona flight was allowed to stay in a holding position for over 3 hours yesterday, when there was no chance of it landing.

I really hope passengers get all the compensation they are entitled to and quickly, without having to fight and wait months.