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Hi all.

I have posted an update on my Go Fund Me Page Which I have copied below.

Yesterday I visited Graça who has Kennels and also looks after unwanted animals with the hope of sending them to new homes in Germany. 
I spent 300 euros and bought 170kg of dried dog food, also metal dog bowls for eating and drinking along with a few toys for the play areas. Towels and blankets were also donated which I took with me as well, as these are in great demand. 
Graça lost her house to the fires in August last year, a lovely house very close to the kennels, her house burnt down, while they tried and succeeded to save the kennels. 
The kennels are situated just above Loretto in Calheta, and Graça now lives in an apartment in Funchal, so now has he extra cost of travel every day to the kennels . 
She doesn’t know what is going to happen with her house and money from the Government or insurers, and does not see anything happening soon. 

Graça has just over 20 unwanted dogs looking for new homes, most of which will hopefully find a new home in Germany thanks to her friend Lusia. 

The spaces for the dogs are very large, and very clean, I was most impressed, and there are several play areas for the animals. 

Please keep the money coming in and I am sure I will see Graça again soon.

Please keep the donations coming in as I have another local charity to me that I would like to help next, and I still have just over 200.00 euros in the fund still.

Again if anyone has any old towels, blankets ect for dog bedding, please let me know and I will try to collect.