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The owners of the Tall Ship Jean de la Lune which has been in Caniçal for a couple of months were looking for people to go on board ship to Tenerife, a free trip, but with no promise of a ride back. They can saty on the ship and make it a bit of a holiday when in Tenerife, and the owners will try to see if they can get a lift on another ship, or they need to just pay for a flight back.

Helen May went to see her husband and friend leave on the ship and sent me this with some photos.

My husband Ron May, and his friend Den, left Caniçal yesterday evening as crew members (albeit inexperienced) aboard the tall ship “Jean de la lune” bound for Tenerife where it will be moored and used as a hotel and fine dining experience. It was fascinating to see the ship being moved from the dry dock and lowered into the water. It was a long process but when the ship finally sailed, she moved beautifully and quickly through the water. Ron and Den are so lucky to have this opportunity, it’s going to be a real adventure for them. Here are a few photos. The dog is called Angus and he is the ship’s dog.  The little girl is the 3 year old daughter of the owner.