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Turismo de Portugal has approved the candidature of the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) to install wireless internet technology (wifi) in the city’s downtown, ensuring from now on, 50 thousand of the 75 thousand euros of global investment, the municipality announced.

The president of the municipality, Paulo Cafofo, considers that the option of the chamber was in the sense of “the progressive commitment of the executive in an increasingly intelligent city, which invests in new information and communication technologies and administrative modernization, as decisive tools for improvement quality of life and the future of the population “.

Regarding the project intervention area, will be installed Wi-Fi network in the two main avenues of the city, namely Avenida Arriaga and Avenida do Mar, And next to the Municipal Garden and the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater, next to the historic Sé Cathedral and commercial spaces.

The installation of a Wi-Fi network to cover the historical centres of the city was one of the winning proposals of the second edition of the Participative Budget of Funchal.

Taken from RTPM