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Well it has only been open for a couple of days, and I have not yet had a chance to have a coffee there, and I can now tell you I wont be either.

A local friend of mine visited the Golden Gate today, and the price for a Bica is €1.70, and a large white coffee (Chinesa) €2.95.  A pot or cup of tea will set you back €3.50, so they must have some pretty expensive water flowing through their system.

Prices like these are certainly not for the locals, and even tourists should think twice, as I wouldn’t pay these prices in the UK.

I can sit outside Cafe Teatro and have a Chinesa for €1.30, so who in their right mind will pay the prices of Golden Gate, Its hotel prices without the 5* service and pool to cool off in.

Here are the prices for other drinks that my friend took a photo of.

I for one wont visit the Golden Gate, they can keep their rip off prices, and I hope many will agree.