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A straight translation from the DN, with the headline – Sousa Group prevented from competing for ferry to mainland.

Gil Canha asked Eduardo Jesus not to lie when he said that there are no ferries available to make the operation of Porto Santo in January. In Egypt and Greece “there are dozens of them.”

The independent deputy asked whether the Regional Government had ever lodged a complaint with the Competition Authority on the combined conditions for maritime transport to Madeira.

Francisco Nunes (PSD) reminded TAP that it does not duly fulfill its duties and also that the social mobility allowance can be improved, with the amendment of two ordinances of the Government of the Republic. On the ferry, he stated that all parties would do everything to make it a reality. The deputy asked how much perspective that will cost the line.

Carlos Costa (JPP) recalled that the topic under discussion “has been going on for decades”.

The deputy spoke on the inability of the regional government to work with Madeira, and gave the example of the hospital in Madeira, the debt of the health subsystems, the ferry, the cargo plane, the mobility allowance, among others.

In reply, Eduardo Jesus asked for the demonstration of the availability of ferries and said that the Competition Authority prevents Grupo Sousa from competing for the ferry to the mainland, even though it did not mention the name of the operator.