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A straight translation from the DN

It is a recurring situation. The dirt in the swimming pool of the Lido complex in Funchal returned today to annoy several bathers.

As has been happening at least since the beginning of this month, bathers complain about the murky, yellow-tinged water. An unattractive setting for those who are enjoying the holidays, or simply the sunny days to go to the baths.

Contacted by the Diario, Carlos Jardim, administrator of the MarFunchal Front has returned to ensure that the pool water is changed every day and that this dirt is due to the large influx of people who have chosen to go to baths in this Bath Complex in recent times.

However, he said that they changed the procedure in terms of washing and maintenance of the pool, “which has already improved substantially” and said that from next week will be made a treatment of water with chemical treatments “which was something that has been trying to avoid so far”.

“The water gets cloudy because of the sunscreen that people use and these creams and to make the water transparent we have to use another type of treatment and that is the way we are working,” added the administrator.