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New decking has been placed on the beach at Reis Magos in Caniço de Baixo, to give bathers a little more comfort.

The camara at Santa Cruz, seem to be adding a few little touches to Caniço and Caniço de Baixo lately, but the areas still look very poor compared to Santa Cruz, and I have always been in a fight with them over social media for the state of our area, and it being the most populated tourist area outside of Funchal.

Roads have all been resurfaced, and new pavements made in Caniço de Baixo, but he one bit of road that needed doing the most, running down to the two largest Hotels the Rui Palace and Four Views Oasis, has not been done.

Do the Camara of Santa Cruz have something against Caniço de Baixo, and Caniço’s own President seems to do nothing either. We will look into this more at a later date.