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Thank You to Dariusz Sirko, who sent me this article and photos of last Friday, and to let us know the Tin Can street are in Camara de Lobos can be seen all summer.


Friday, Fun-day

Friday, fun-day- but some avid enthusiasts on 30th of June brought about activities that did both, that’s entertained and educated people on one important ecological issue. Being more specific on recycling aluminium cans.

Teatro Metaphora and Casa do Povo, non-profit Madeiran organizations came out on the streets of Câmara de Lobos to campaign against employment of aluminium cans as main preserving material for popular beverages.

The organization performed street animations to attract passing-byers and inform them on importance of using alternative, reusable bottles to aluminium cans. There were lots of informative consultancies on how to properly recycle used cans, street singing encouraging usage of glass bottles (that unlike aluminium cans, are less energy intensive to (re)produce), and taking pictures on posters with a hole for face, so everyone could pose as a real ‘’CAN-hero’’.

The project ‘’Animate for action’’ isn’t the first such enterprise organized by Casa do Povo and its sympathizers. The association in past years have initiated other project aimed at promoting ecological awareness among local people and, since the town is well liked by tourists, also worldwide.

The exhibition of door decorations and street installations exclusively made from over twenty thousand used cans can be seen by visitors thought the summer 2017 in Câmara de Lobos.

Author: Dariusz Sirko

Pictures: Justina Simonaitytė