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With the latest strong winds on the island causing many delays and cancellations, people queuing for hours to get information and for food and drink, could this put people off from visiting Madeira again.

This story copied below from the DN is just one example, and I have heard so many other stories over the last week, that would put anyone off of trying to visit the island.

A group of 180 passengers on a flight operated by Vueling, from Barcelona, ​​saw the plane diverted to Tenerife due to bad weather on the island of Madeira earlier this week.

According to the newspaper El Periodico, the delay that was expected to be resolved in a few hours eventually lasted for three days, prompting some passengers to buy a ticket to return to Barcelona and motivated many complaints.

The same source said that in a note sent to customers, Vueling reported that there will be no compensation as the delays and cancellations occurred for reasons unrelated to the company, especially the weather. “But there were even those who already called the airport of Funchal, from Tenerife, and prove that air traffic is standardized,” said the same newspaper.