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As i am still watching the Barcelona flight go round, nor for 2 hours 35 mins, the DN has just posted this.

Ten aborted landings, number equal to departures that were scheduled and cancelled, and 11 diverted flights, make up a total of 31 flights that did not comply with its scale during the day.

Is this the balance made so far in Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, which is currently “impossible for them to land planes,” says the meteorological department responsible for that track.

The wind lies between 22 and 27 knots, which corresponds to a speed of 40 to 48 km, with the ‘cut’ to the track means. As if that were not enough, the gusts are even stronger and make the action of the pilots insecure in approaching Santa Cruz.

Who risk land, this time the gusts are between 30 and 36 knots, numbers in kilometers mean a value at around 56km and 66km.

It is recalled that easyJet cancelled all of its flights to Madeira until the end of today, when they were scheduled to land seven flights of the British company and lift five aircraft from the Region.

Until the 18 hours of Tuesday the wind forecast is maintained.