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Just one more update for this evening.

The death toll has risen to 13, with over 50 injured, some of them serious. The hospital will give an update on the injured victims at 9am tomorrow morning. There were also 5 tourists injured and four of them are serious.

The President of the Republic flew to Madeira this afternoon and visited the site in Monte and was also in the hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça. In both places he expressed solidarity

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has been in the Dr. Nélio Mendonça, where he insisted on the message of solidarity with the victims of today’s tragedy at noon in Monte.

The President of the republic has also said a full investigation will open into this tragedy.

Lots of claims are being made as to who is responsible for this tragedy, the tree is apparently on private land owned by the church, also it was highlighted in 2014 that tress needed to be cut or looked at, and some 11 tress have been cut in the area. The mayor of Funchal Cafôfo denies this and Antonio Mendonça hits back which is translated below

The president of Madeira, Mayor of Funchal should also have some responsibility of the over seeing of situations like this on the Island.

A Translation from FN

António Mendonça (son) reacts to the declarations of the Mayor of Funchal, reaffirming to have official documents that show that the municipality was notified in court to clean up the area where the tragedy occurred in Monte.

The Mendonça family underlines the position taken from the beginning: “The printed testimony of the documents always speak louder.” Therefore, António Mendonça adds, “the president of the CMF may even say that the trees looked healthy, especially the one that fell. Only in one aspect is it right: it is an oak and not a banana. Otherwise, it is not true. The cleanliness of the area, due to the public risk it offered, was officially requested and notified. ”

Confronted with the statement Paulo Cafôfo which stated that the land of tragedy is “private” property of the Diocese of Funchal, António Mendonça replies, “Now they want to attribute responsibility to Jesus Cristo? It may even belong to the diocese, but the usufruct of the entire area is public, hence municipal responsibility. Whoever cleans the gardens is CMF. If they make the plane trees of cleaning should also clean the surrounding species at risk, prompted by news Funchal in March 2017, when a branch fell. What attention has been paid to official documents with successive alerts and notifications? We will not now distract public opinion with issues of landmarks because we are talking about areas of public use. ”