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Today the first Funerals begin from the tragedy at Monte.

The one that has affected me so badly is of the father and his 15 month old son, I  read the story that they were at Monte to light a candle for their son, who was born premature at 6 months, the mothers parents had just left them to go buy espetada for lunch, when the tree fell. The mother has lost her life and feels dead also, they will rest in peace with love all around them.

A translation from the FN

The President of the Republic enacted this evening, in Castanheira de Pera, the government’s decree that decree national mourning this Friday, 18/8, in memory of the victims of the Monte tragedy.

It is also remembered that today is also the third day of regional mourning decreed by the Regional Government.

National mourning (in this case for one day), and in this particular, aims to pay homage to victims of catastrophes that caused a great number of deaths and injuries.

National mourning may take place immediately (as is the case), or on anniversary dates of events.

It is the Government of the Republic to decree the national mourning in the form of Decree, submitted to promulgation of the President of the Republic.

There are national mourners of mandatory decrees, cases of the death of current and former presidents of the Republic as well as current President of the Assembly of the Republic (in office) and Prime Minister (in office).

The other mourning can be decreed by exceptional events. This is the case today.

In relation to Madeira this is the third national mourning decreed having as mobile a past event in the Region.

The first of the democratic era (post 25 April) was about the plane crash at the airport in 1977, when three days of national mourning were decreed.

The second was on February 20, 2010, when three days of national mourning were also decreed.

The third is about the tragedy of Mt. (a day of national mourning).

In addition to national and regional mourning, it is also possible to decree municipal mourning, within the scope of the respective county, applying, with due adaptations, the regime provided for national mourning.

During the national mourning days, the National Flag must be hoisted halfway in all public buildings and all celebrations organized or promoted by public entities must be prevented, and the same, as the case may be, be cancelled or postponed.

That is, political entities, including political parties, are forced to cancel initiatives.