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A huge thank you to wauzih who has sent me this to try and explain the reason we have problems with the wind at the airport.

To the current (August 6th to 8th, 2017) problems at the airport Madeira here I try and attempt to explain how the wind conditions arise, which cause the problems.
There are often also questions, why on the weather maps only show wind speeds of 50 kmh or so are displayed, and how problems can arise from this.
in addition and for explanation: no, I am not a meteorologist or something else, also not a graphic artist, therefore this can only be a somewhat amateur explanation, simply mixed from several sources and own observations together.

Here at first the temperature distribution on the island from the 7th of August, 11am. It is noticeable that on the south coast and in the interior of the island temperatures of 25 to almost 30 degrees are indicated.
In the areas affected by the strong north wind, (e.g. Santo da Serra) it is only 18 degrees in the mid-range:

In addition also the wind map from the same period. The north wind blows mainly in the higher and middle locations in the eastern third of the island:

The wind and temperatures projected onto a view of the region from Google Earth reveals this image, the blue arrows symbolizing the comparatively cold and strong north wind, the red arrows the warm air masses held by weaker winds from different directions, the yellow arrows for the constantly blowing wind in the area of the runway:

The cold north wind is pressed against the warm air barrier and “falls” due to the temperature difference almost into the transverse valleys, where it can still increase in force and is directed directly to the runway:

There the cold wind then collides with the warm air there, and there is also the continuous wind, and thus the turbulence’s arise. Although the individual winds have “only” speeds of 50 to 60 km / h with gusts of 75 km / h, considerable speed differences between the air masses can occur. And, of course, these turbulence’s are not constant, but you cannot really see them visually:

That would be my own amateurish but perhaps understandable explanation for the winds such problems arise at the airport.