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The good news is some flights have landed today, and the Porto Santo Ferry has put on an extra trip to bring passengers from Porto Santo , Transavia flights have flown direct to Porto Santo today, with the passengers already booked on the ferry, so at least one airline seems to know what its doing.

10 flights were already cancelled today a head of any problems, thanks to Linda in Gatwick, she has just let us know that BA have cancelled the flight again, and a lot of the passengers were on yesterday flight which diverted to Lisbon then back to Gatwick. Hope you get here soon Linda.

TAP is on its way from Lisbon, so i am just waiting to see if they land.

Being at the airport this morning there was a lot of confusion and I can see a lot of questions need to be asked about the information given, and the time it takes to put on the boards. The first flight due to land was Easyjet from Lisbon at 9am, I watched this coming it then it went further out circulated again then headed back to Lisbon. It took almost an hour to get the information on the boards that the plane had diverted, and passengers were being called to gate 11 as Easyjet Lisbon was due to depart, when the damn plane hadn’t even landed.

We cant do anything with the weather, but its clear the ground staff at the airport, and more senior staff need to get their shit in order, instead of hiding out the back somewhere with no information for passengers, its a small airport and cant be that difficult to organise.

TAP is having a problem to land and is going round again.

Porto Santo Ferry just passing by, and will leave Funchal again at 4pm.

TAP coming in for its second attempt, and its landed.